Facts and Information on the Bull-Pei

Not all dogs are hyperactive and need constant attention; if you’re on the lookout for a calm and gentle friend, then look no further than the gorgeous Bull-Pei. The mix of the Chinese Shar-Pei and the English Bulldog, this breed is calm, quiet, kind, gentle, and loving. They don’t require much exercise, nor do they like getting out of the house much. 

Read on to find out more about this introverted pup:

Bull-Pei Dog Breed Profile

Breed NameBull-Pei
Other Name(s)
Dog Breed TypeMixed Breed Dogs
OriginNorth America
Parent BreedsChinese Shar-Pei, English Bulldog
Height16 – 18 inches
Weight35 – 65 pounds
Life Expectancy9 – 11 years
Coat TypeShort
Common ColorsBlack, brown, gray, white, and tan
Grooming NeedsWeekly Brushing
TemperamentCalm, quiet, passive, placid, loving
Apartment LivingYes
Health ConcernsSkin problems, breathing difficulty, Hypothyroidism, cancer, Patellar Luxation, bloating
Overall HealthAverage
Intelligence LevelLow
Energy LevelLow
Litter Size4-5 puppies (approx.)

Breed Characteristics

Adaptability: 2 stars

Adapts Well to Apartment Living: 4 stars

Good for Novice Owners: 2 stars

Sensitivity Level: 3 stars

Tolerates Being Alone: 3 stars

Tolerates Cold Weather: 1 star

Tolerates Hot Weather: 1 star

All Around Friendliness: 2 stars

Affectionate with Family: 3 stars

Kid-Friendly: 2 stars

Dog Friendly: 2 stars

Friendly Towards Strangers: 2 stars

Health and Grooming Needs: 4 stars

Amount of Shedding: 4 stars

Drooling Potential: 3 stars

Easy to Groom: 4 stars

General Health: 3 stars

Potential for Weight Gain: 4 stars

Size: 3 stars

Trainability: 2 stars

Easy to Train: 3 stars

Intelligence: 2 stars

Potential for Mouthiness: 4 stars

Prey Drive: 2 stars

Tendency to Bark or Howl: 2 stars

Wanderlust Potential: 1 star

Physical Needs: 2 stars

Energy Level: 2 stars

Intensity: 2 stars

Exercise Needs: 2 stars

Potential for Playfulness: 2 stars

Vital Statistics

Dog Breed Group: Mixed Breed Dogs

Height: 16 – 18 inches

Weight: 35 – 65 pounds

Life Span: 9 – 11 years


The Bull-Pei is a mixed breed dog and isn’t purebred, unlike their English Bulldog and Shar-Pei parent breeds.

The predominant colors of the Bull-Pei are black, brown, gray, white, and tan. Their coats are usually a mix of two or more colors and are rarely one hue. They are usually not considered allergy friendly. Fortunately, their fur is easy to take care of. A careful brushing per week is ample.

The Bull-Peis are better suited for households with older children who know how to handle other animals. They are friendly with other dogs and once trained. If they follow their Shar-Pei parent, they can make a better solo pet.

This mixed breed needs minimal exercise, ranging from 0-60 minutes per day. Their personality is reflective of their calm pursuits. They are joyous with their loved ones and aren’t highly concerned with the outside world.


The hybrid Bull-Pei may have naturally existed throughout history. However, only in the 1990s did designer breeders begin to intentionally mix the Chinese Shar-Pei and English Bulldogs, most probably originated from North America.

The breeders wanted to combine two parent breeds for the creation of a sociable guard dog with a unique look. As demand grew, more and more Bull-Peis began to be mixed.


Since the Bull-Pei is a recently mixed breed, it has a few standard sizes. Being a Shar-Pei and English Bulldog mix, Bull-Peis are usually medium-sized.

On average, they weigh about 35 to 65 pounds, while their range in height is between 16 to 18 inches till the shoulder. That being said, Bull-Peis can easily be smaller or bigger. Moreover, there is not much size difference between male and female species of Bull-Peis.


The Bull-Pei is a quiet breed that isn’t overly enthusiastic. They are joyful around people they love and aren’t too involved in finding company outside their vicinity.

Although the Shar-Pei is generally known to be more active than the other parent, English Bulldog, their hybrid Bull-Pei does not require much physical activity. Anything from 0-60 minutes of exercise daily works well enough.

Their temperament is influenced by several factors, such as heredity, training, and socialization. Good-natured Bull-Pei puppies are inquisitive and lively. The puppies also love approaching people and being in their arms lovingly.

English Bulldogs are known for their excellent relationship with young kids, but the Chinese Shar-Pei is not. Thus, which of the parents’ qualities the Bull-Pei intakes cannot be determined. Initially, they must be carefully supervised around children. More than anything, it is of utmost importance to make sure your dog is well-rounded and comfortable with socialization.


The Bull-Pei is exposed to some of the same issues that its parent breeds, the Shar-Pei and English Bulldog, face. Although they have a generally healthy exterior, it is always important to take good care and visit the veterinary regularly.

The following are the most common health conditions the Bull-Pei hybrid faces:

  • Skin Problems
  • Breathing Difficulty
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Cancer
  • Patellar Luxation
  • Bloat


All standard and common precautions, such as having regular veterinary checkups, and developing a comfortable care routine with their vet, apply to the Bull-Pei as with all dogs.

It is important to make sure your pet is clean between the folds of their skin as they may cultivate infections. Be sure to check their ears thoroughly for debris and pests every day, along with cleaning them properly. Their nails must be trimmed before they get unmanageably long, which shouldn’t cross twice a month. It is also recommended to take the help of a groomer in case your Bull-Pei makes a habit of clicking against the floor.

It is also important to maintain your dog’s oral health. Brush their teeth daily, as they are prone to dental problems. Moreover, if you find the Bull-Pei dragging its bottom or “scooting,” it may have an issue with anal glands which should be checked immediately. 


A medium-sized breed diet plan is perfect for the Bull-Pei. Since they have a tendency to gain weight once overfed, it is good to adhere to a strict feeding routine. This includes not leaving any food out during daytime hours. The number of treats they receive should also be slightly limited. However, if there is no substitute for them, making healthy treats of chopped carrots and celery is the optimal solution.

Since no dog’s dietary needs stay the same from puppyhood to adulthood, you will need to keep updating their ideal diet plan. It is always recommended to talk to your veterinarian about this regularly. Be mindful of your dog’s weight, energy, age, and health as well when formulating a meal plan. 

Coat Color and Grooming

The coat of a Bull-Pei is most often a mixture of their Shar-Pei and English Bulldog parents. They come in a plethora of colors, such as black, brown, gray, white, and tan. Generally a mix of two or more hues, their coat is rarely monochromatic.

They have short coats, which aren’t considered to be allergic. Their fur is quite simple to take care of, which only includes brushing it once a week to help the oils spread evenly throughout. 

The Bull-Pei should be bathed once every twelve weeks. Frequent baths may irritate their skin, and they should be thoroughly dried off after one to prevent infections.

Due to their short fur coats, this mixed breed is not adaptable to extreme temperatures or weather patterns. During winters, an extra coat will be needed, while during the hot summer, it is of utmost importance to apply sunscreen on all bare areas, such as ears and nose, among others.


Bull-Peis require an extremely minimal amount of physical activity. They aren’t dogs with high energy levels. Anything from the range of 0-60 minutes of exercise daily is more than enough for this mixed breed.


  1. Is the Bull-Pei suited for extreme weather conditions?

No, due to their shorter coats, this breed is not suited for extreme weather patterns. You will require coats during colder months and sunscreen before going on in the summer.

  1. How much exercise does my Bull-Pei need?

0-60 minutes of physical activity daily is good enough for the Bull-Pei.

  1. What are the Bull-Pei’s parent breeds?

Bull-Pei’s parents are the Chinese Shar-Pei and English Bulldog purebreds.


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