25 Pros and Cons of Rabbits As Pet (Explained)

Well, if you are looking to have a pet but don’t want to choose a cat or dog. Instead of that, you can consider rabbits as they make great pets.

However it’s not all about their cuteness and fluffiness, but they are a lot of fun.

But it doesn’t mean that having a rabbit as a pet reduces your headache any less. To know more about the pros and cons, here is what you should be knowing.

Advantages Of Having Rabbit Disadvantage Of Having Rabbit 
Rabbits are not loud Need to get cleanups 
A good companion for kidsNot good with too cold or hot temperature
Easy to live with Easy to get hurt 
Friendly and social Prone to disease or get sick
Don’t need a lot of spacesHave a shorter life span 
Help in overcoming situationsNot friendly with dog and cat 
Keep stress lowerThey can be the prey of others
Not that common pet Too jumpy and fast which is hard to control
They appreciate the care Can ruin garden and lawn
Cute and chubby cuddle buddy They chew almost everything
Provide emotionally supportTricky to train 
Reduce the food waste Not always obedient 


Advantages Of Having Rabbit As Pet

Rabbits Are Not Loud or Noisy

One of the greatest advantages you get from rabbits as they are not loud, instead of that they prefer to be quiet.

While you can get dogs barking and cats meowing every day, rabbits don’t make those loud noises.

Apart from this, they don’t disturb you if you are doing something important and sleeping.

So if you are looking for pets that can suit the quiet atmosphere without being too noisy and distracting,  rabbits make ideal choices.

They Are Amazing Champions For Kids

Rabbits are also good for your kids, especially for the young ones.

There are chances that having pets like dogs or cats might be dangerous for your kids.

But rabbits will be harmless and also you don’t have to worry about any accidents.

Not just that, they are comfortable in cuddling, so they are good for the young kids.

They Don’t Need Too Much Space

Another advantage especially if you don’t have much space is you can get a rabbit for yourself.

They don’t need a lot of space. Especially if you are getting a small rabbit. They can fit in a rabbit hutch and these are not space-consuming.

However, you can allow them to roam and explore the garden and balcony to be healthy.

Rabbit Can Help You In Overcoming Hard Situations

Having a rabbit at home can help you in overcoming the issues in your life.

There are always some situations where you get too overwhelmed and don’t have an idea how to handle it.

Some of the people might take steps that leave them regretful in their whole life.

Having rabbits makes you realize that there is someone who needs and relies on you.

They can help you in staying calm and keeping you safe from making stupid decisions.

Reduce The Food Wastage

Rabbits are someone who feeds on fruits, vegetables, and grain.

While some people are not really into wasting food, if you end up purchasing too much of vegetables and fruit it can lead to food wastage.

You can feed the vegetables to your rabbit as it will help you in reducing food wastage.

However, make sure you know what is healthy and good for your rabbit.

Rabbits Can Keep Your Stress Level Low

In general, rabbits are also good to keep your stress level low.

According to studies, rabbits like pets have therapeutic effects on humans.

So if you are going through any mental or emotional issues. Having a pet can help you in overcoming the problem.

They Satisfy The Altruistic Side Of Yours

Having a rabbit as a pet can help you in keeping yourself feeling better.

Also when you provide the best food, great living conditions, and sufficient space, this helps you in fulfilling the altruistic part of yours.

Not just that, humans feel good when they do something for someone else.

You Can Adopt The Rabbit

If you are considering the altruistic approach, you can also adopt the rabbit from the animal shelter instead of purchasing it.

This can help as you are rescuing the bunny and giving them a good condition to live in.

Also, it’s free of cost and you are saving a bunny which is considered a good deed.

Rabbit Appreciate The Care

White rabbits are quiet in nature, however, they are appreciated when they are getting care and attention.

They will often sit on the couch with you and cuddle when they are feeling happy.

You Have A Different Pet Than Others

Most people have pets either they prefer to have cats or dogs.

However, there are not a lot of people who have rabbits as pets, this can make you different from others.

Therefore, this gives you something that no others have. It makes you special and stands out from others.

You can Start The Side Hustle

If you are looking for the side hustle, you can have the rabbit and put it on interest to make videos and it can help you in starting the channel.

If you do it right, you can make some money from it.


They Are Cleanliness And Obedience

Although it takes time and you have to train your rabbit, they can easily understand the orders.

Rabbits are smarter and more intelligent than dogs, they can easily understand the orders.

Tricks can help you understand the basics, and they can have their fun.

As for hygiene, rabbits tend to be clean animals. They preen themselves all along and happily to the hutch mates.

Also, it’s rare for them to feel depressed for no reason.

Rabbits Are Easy To Live With And Docile

When rabbits are someone who gets integrated and cared for when they are into the family.

They can be friendly, and get along happily as well as with others.

They are docile in temperature and can be faithful. Also, they like to socialize with others.

Cons Of Having Rabbits As Pets

Rabbits Need Lots Of Cleanups

The average rabbit needs to leave up more than 500 pellets behind all day.

Even the smallest bunnies, release about 300 pallets which they require to manage.

The aspect of animal care applies to dogs and cats. But their waste can be simple to pick up.

Also, their cage stinks because feces accumulate quickly despite the appearance of being clean.

It takes time to clean and needs more to make the cage look good.

They Need To be Inside When Temperature Is High

Bunnies are quite sensitive when the temperature gets high. If the temperature is a little cold or high, they need to be kept inside since they feel uncomfortable.

When you have extreme conditions, you need to keep them inside the home where the temperature is normal and comfortable.

They Chew Almost Everything

One of the disadvantages of having rabbits is that they can chew almost everything and swallow it.

They need to be gnawing to help with teeth, also if they have the access to the furniture, soft items, clothes, etc.

They will destroy everything and wooden items can have teeth marks.

Rabbits Might Be Not Budget Friendly

Rabbits seem to be budget-friendly but they are not. They can be expensive as they need a lot of things.

If you are buying from others, it will be expensive and also you need to spend money on their living which is not that ideal if you have budget limitations.

They Can Be Aggressive

If you are not training them enough and not socializing properly, they can be aggressive.

That means you need to make them feel connected and communicate with others.

Rabbits are friendly, like to cuddle and roam around. If you put them in a cage all day,  they can scratch you and bite you.

If you are not sure how to spend time with your bunny, it’s not best to have them.

They Can Be A Prey For Other Pets

The rabbits are the natural prey when it comes to cats and dogs.

If you have a pet in your house, it can be harmful and not a good idea to mix them with them.

Most of your pets can see them as a threat. So it might be a lot of work to keep them safe and protected from others.

They Can Be Super Fast

Since rabbits are fast, they move quickly and if they sense the danger, they can be really quick to move.

This can be a problem, and you have to keep an eye on them always.

Also, they run and jump around the house. You can see their zoomies and also they need to be in the house.

Rabbits Tend To Be Destructive And Disordered

They are not the maniacs creatures that destroy everything that they see.

The problem is they are into biting everything, it can be fabrics, plastic toys, electrical cables, etc.

They have teeth that don’t stop growing and they like to use them to chew whatever they like to.

Also, they are a little disordered, so they can strew food all over the place.

They Can Get Injured Really Easily

Most of the rabbits are prone to getting something related to their health problems.

Also, they can easily get injured, some of them are quite hardy but individuals are susceptible to problems related to health.

Overgrown teeth are one of the problems and they can chew things.

They also have upper respiratory illness, discharge, causing redness and sneezing.

They Need A Lot Of Investment, Space, And Work

Like rabbits, they tend to be messier and will need devoted time to make sure they are hygienic and clean.

Rabbits also like to be everywhere, so it’s not their cage that needs to be cleaned.

You have to clean everything in your place where they have been.

Also, you need to clean their hair as they tend to shed a lot, especially if you have allergies or something.

Rabbits Are Tricky To Train

Rabbis are not always obedient. There are also a lot of owners who don’t know how to train the rabbits and it can be a lot tricky to make sure to listen to your orders.

They need to make sure everyone is kept safe, clean, and ready for them.

Rabbits Can Mess Up Your Garden

Another issue with having rabbits as your pet, you need to keep them away from your garden and lawn.

Not only they can just poop there but also tend to eat whatever you plant.

If you have plants, vegetables, and fruits in your garden, there are high chances that they will eat everything or chew on it.