Facts and Information on the Berger Picard Dog Breed

The Berger Picard dog breed is said to be one of the ancient French Sheepdogs. These dogs have their fair share of fans because of their shabby appearance and loving nature. They even get roles in movies, all thanks to their intelligence levels. Keep reading to get to know more about this fascinating breed. 

Breed NameBerger Picard
Other NamePicardy Shepherd
Dog Breed TypeHerding dogs
OriginPicardy, France
Parent BreedsNone, close links with french sheepdogs
Height1 foot 9 inches-2 feet 1 inch
Weight50-70 pounds
Life Expectancy13-14 years
Coat TypeDouble coat
Common ColorsBlack, Fawn, Light gray, Brindle
Grooming NeedsLow maintenance
TemperamentAlert, Stubborn, Intelligent, Energetic
Apartment LivingSuitable for apartment living
Health ConcernsProgressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)
Overall HealthHealthy 
Intelligence LevelHigh 
Energy LevelMedium to high
Litter Size2-10 puppies

Breed Characteristics

Adaptability 4 stars

Adaptive to apartment living 3 stars

Suitable for new owners 4 stars

Sensitivity range 5 stars

Comfortable being alone 3 stars

Comfortable with cold weather 4 stars

Comfortable with hot weather 3 stars

All about friendliness 4 stars

Lovable around family 5 stars

Kid-friendly 5 stars

Dog-friendly 3 stars

Frank with strangers 2 stars

Grooming and Health Requirements 4 stars

Shedding Quantity 4 stars

Drooling capacity 1 star

Effortless to groom 5 stars

Overall health 5 stars

Capable of weight gain 3 stars

Size 4 stars

Trainability 3 stars

Effortless to train 4 stars

Smartness 4 stars

Capable of biting 2 stars

Urge to attack prey 3 stars

Urge to howl or bark 2 stars

Wanderlust personality 2 stars

Physical Requirements 5 stars

Energy range 5 stars

Intensity 3 stars

Exercise requirements 5 stars

Playful nature 5 stars

Vital Statistics






A dog breed with a complicated name might make you wonder if it’s challenging to handle as well. Berger Picard, pronounced as bare-zhay pee-carr is a native of France and has close links with the French Sheepdogs. These dogs are known to arrive in France during 800 A.D. They have been shown for centuries in woodcuts, tapestries, and engravings, but now they’ve become aspiring movie stars. Movies such as “Daniel and the Superdogs,” “Because of Winn Dixie,” and “Are We Done Yet?” have cast this breed. 

The Berger Picard has thick eyebrows and prick ears with a smart and lively personality. They are loved by everyone because of their goofy grins and humanlike gaze. It’s easy peasy to train them thanks to their smartness though they can get stubborn sometimes. They notice even a slight change in tone of voice, so be cheerful with them always. 

Raising these dogs in a house full of pets or children can reduce their need for socialization. However, socialization is always necessary to get good manners in your pet. They have become a rare breed now because of the huge decline in their population after World wars I and II. 


The real origin of the Berger Picard is still unknown, but they are known to have ancestors in France. Central European Celts brought dogs to France, and the Berger Picard is said to be their descendants. They also have close links with other French herding dogs like Beauceron and Briard. 

The agricultural Picardy region of France is said to be this breed’s home, where they were chosen for herding because of their determination and stamina. They got their first dog show in France in 1863, sharing the same class with Beauceron and Briard. It was after 1925 this breed was considered a separate breed in France.

The Berger Picard population saw a huge decline due to World wars I and II, and it was on the verge of getting extinct. Thanks to breeders, you can still see this breed though it’s rare. This breed got to fame after its role in the movie “Because of Winn-Dixie.”


The Berger Picard is a medium-sized breed with high energy levels. Their size doesn’t meddle with their apartment lifestyle, but their active personality can. They like to be in open yards, even if it’s small. 


One word that best describes the personality of a Berger Picard is energetic. They want you to be with them while they burn their energy off. Give them any kind of activity, and they’ll be more than happy to do it. Be it a game of fetch or simply jogging with you, they just want something with an end goal. However, there are other sides to their personality you don’t know about. 

Generally, this breed is considered very loving, intelligent, and independent. They have active personalities and like to spend their time outdoors. Their smartness makes them bond with their humans pretty quickly. It’s because of their smartness that it becomes an easy job to train them. However, they will get stubborn if they notice any slight change in your tone of voice. They like cheerful methods of training and respond well to them only. Well, don’t get serious because this breed has a better sense of humor than most humans. 


Generally, the Berger Picard is a healthy breed that can live around 13-14 years. However, you need to be aware of some health issues they might be prone to. 

  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy
  •  Canine multifocal retinopathy
  •  Elbow dysplasia
  • Hip dysplasia


The Berger Picard is a low-maintenance breed, so there is no need to worry about spa appointments. They have waterproof coats though their facial hair might need to be taken care of. Take them to a groomer for their best appearance. When thinking about getting a Berger Picard as a pet, you should consider your health first. You don’t have to be a fitness freak, but a minimum amount of exercise should be a part of your daily routine. These dogs are very simple-minded; a simple fenced yard, whether big or small, is enough to keep them happy. They just want to be outdoors, and if they get the chance to be outdoors with you, they will be on cloud nine.

Feeding and Diet

Highly energetic dogs like the Berger Picard should have fresh water available to them at all times. You never know how much running around they are doing outside to burn off their energy. Good quality dog food that fulfills your dog’s nutritional needs should be given to them. It can be a little tricky to find the best dog food keeping in mind the pool of competitors out there. It’s always a great idea to take your vet’s advice regarding your dog’s diet keeping in mind your dog’s best interests. 

Coat color and grooming

The wiry coat of a Berger Picard can be seen in a variety of colors like fawn, gray, black, or brindle without or with white markings. They have a weatherproof coat that’s crisp and hard in texture. They are low-maintenance dogs, so they don’t have that many grooming requirements. Monthly brushing and combing of their coat will be more than enough to maintain your pet. If they get their coats dirty, for sure, just wipe them down with dog wipes, and they’re good to go. Their coat is naturally clean, so bathing should be done only when you can clearly notice the dirt. A weekly checkup of the Berger Picard’s ear from your side should be done to prevent any wax buildup. Maintain their dental hygiene by making teeth brushing a daily habit. 

Children and other pets

Like all dog breeds, if a Berger Picard grows up in a house with children and pets, they are most likely to bond with them. However, this doesn’t imply that they will bond with children or pets outside the house too. They are gentle dogs, but when negative behaviors aren’t controlled on time, it can lead to aggression. That’s why socialization is necessary with every dog breed. Supervise play sessions of kids and other pets with your dogs, and there will be no harm. 


The Berger Picard gets its shedding season during the fall or spring. You can expect heavy shedding at that time. There’s going to be a lot of loose fur during shedding season, so make sure you are brushing your pet two to three times a week. 

Male vs. Female Attitude

The attitude of a Berger Picard doesn’t depend on his gender, and it depends on his surroundings, age, and other factors. Generally, they are lovely dogs with charismatic personalities. 


You can expect the Berger Picard needs lots of exercise because of their high energy levels. They want an owner that can keep himself as well as their pet fit. They will be satisfied with long walks and some activities in a day. 

Little-known facts

Unlike other dog breeds, the Berger Picard doesn’t give off a doggy smell. 

FAQ on breed

  1. Where do the Berger Picard breeds come from?

Picardy, France

  1. What is the best diet routine for a Berger Picard?

Energetic dogs like the Berger Picard should be given high-quality dog food.

  1. How much exercise is required for a Berger Picard?

Daily exercise for at least an hour.

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