Facts and Information on the Black Mouth Cur Dog Breed

Energetic, strong, and courageous, the Black Mouth Cur is a complete package. They were used in the southeastern part of the United States by hunters and farmers. These dogs can protect the home, herd livestock, and track game, making them a perfect companion for your home. Below are some more facts about this breed, so keep reading. 

Breed NameBlack Mouth Cur
Other NameVermont Cur
Dog Breed TypeWorking dogs
OriginAlabama, Southern United States
Parent BreedsTerriers and Hounds
Height16-25 inches
Weight40-95 pounds
Life Expectancy12-18 years
Coat TypeDense, short coat
Common ColorsFawn, Yellow, Light brown
Grooming NeedsMedium 
TemperamentKind, Active, Protective, Brave, Loyal 
Apartment LivingSuitable for apartment living 
Health ConcernsEar infections, Arthritis
Overall HealthHealthy 
Intelligence LevelMedium 
TrainabilityEasy to train
Energy LevelMedium 
Litter Size3-12 puppies

Breed Characteristics

Adaptability 3 stars

Adaptive to apartment living 1 star

Suitable for new owners 2 stars

Sensitivity range 4 stars

Comfortable being alone 2 stars

Comfortable with cold weather 3 stars

Comfortable with hot weather 3 stars

All about friendliness 4 stars

Lovable with family 5 stars

Kid-friendly 5 stars

Dog-friendly 3 stars

Frank with strangers 3 strangers

Grooming and Health Requirements 3 stars

 Shedding quantity 3 stars

Drooling capability 2 stars

Effortless to groom 5 stars

Overall health 4 stars

Capable of weight gain 1-star

Size 4 stars

Trainability 4 stars

Effortless to train 3 stars

Smartness 4 stars

Capable of biting 3 stars

Tendency to attack prey 5 stars

Wanderlust personality 4 stars

Physical Requirements 4 stars

Energy range 4 stars

Intensity 3 stars

Exercise Requirements 5 stars

Playful personality 4 stars

Vital Statistics






The Black Mouth Cur got its name because of its unique physical characteristic- its muzzle and lip are covered in black color. The American Kennel doesn’t recognize any breed that has “cur” in its name. They are purebred from the Southeastern part of the United States, where their breeding was done to make them all-round working dogs that can protect their humans. The United Kennel Club identifies this breed as purebred scenthound. 

The Black Mouth Cur can only be handled by an experienced owner. An owner who knows how to be firm, not harsh, and can balance their emotions while training their pet. These are sensitive dogs that only a previous owner can understand. A house with a large yard is needed for these dogs to run around and burn off their energy. This breed is territorial in nature and becomes aggressive sometimes. Early training and socialization help to control any kind of negative behavior in this breed. 

They are known as all-round working dogs because they can herd livestock, protect their humans, and become a hunting companion. These are loyal dogs that will serve their owners until the last breath. There are many breeders in the market, so you will get to see a variation of this breed in terms of size or color. 


The exact history of the Black Mouth Cur might not be known, but they are said to be from Tennessee or Mississippi, or Alabama, Southern United States. These dogs might be the descendants of the Asian and European cur dogs that came to North America and were used by settlers and pioneers to hunt and hunt the land from Texas to Florida. These people wanted a farm dog that could herd livestock, hunt in the rugged terrain, and keep away threatening wildlife too. 

The Black Mouth Cur played a huge role in the American Frontier’s settling. Some even say that the European settlers wouldn’t have done westward expansion without the help of these dogs. At those times, this breed was crossbred with other breeds when required. No recording was done; that’s why this breed’s exact origin is still unknown. 

It’s said that the Black Mouth Cur’s ancestors might be the English Mastiffs who were brought from Europe to America. Despite being crossbred in the past, this breed is still considered a purebred. 

The Ladner family hails from southern Mississippi and has been breeding the Black Mouth Curs for over 100 years and has become a well-known breeder. Other variations of this breed include the Florida Black Mouth Cur (yellow coat) and the Alabama Black Mouth Cur (red coat). 


There’s no surety about the size of the Black Mouth Curs as variation exists. The size of this breed depends on breeding. Even dogs born in the same litter are found to have different sizes. Male dogs might be larger in size than the female dogs of this breed. The average size of this breed can be 16 inches. 


The history of this breed plays a major role in the formation of its personality. Settlers wanted an all-around dog that was capable of doing basically everything instead of focusing on a single thing. These dogs are said to be very brave that don’t back down first from a fight. This kind of attitude worked in their favor when they had to ward off the predators of South America, including bears, wildcats, and other animals. You can still see this personality today. 

Settlers also wanted a dog that was smart and could help them in hunting valuable pelts and food. A dog that’s loyal and dedicated to its family and would protect them was wanted by the settlers. They needed a strong dog that could survive the rugged life. All of these unique traits are still present in the Black Mouth Cur. 

Their breeding was also done, keeping in mind that they needed to work all day long. So high energy levels and proper exercise were needed for Black Mouth Curs. Apartment life or being a couch potato doesn’t suit this breed’s personality. They need to be outside to run around, even if it just means a long walk. 

These dogs get stubborn while training; that’s why harsh training methods don’t work with them. This is a sensitive breed that cannot be handled by any amateur. 


Generally, Black Mouth Curs are considered very healthy. But as you know, their crossbreeding was done somewhere in the past, so they might be prone to some genetic health issues, such as

  • Epilepsy
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Ear infections
  • Cataracts
  • Mange


The most important thing you need to take care of if you have a Black Mouth Cur as your pet is its ears. It’s pretty common for their ears to catch dirt, debris, and water, which later leads to ear infections. You need to look after and clean their ears from time to time because these dogs love to be outside in the dirt. 

Routine vet checkups will help to detect their bone and eye health and maintain it. These dogs are prone to cataracts, and eye and skeletal issues, that’s why health checkups have become mandatory. The vet will help you to decide what kind of care your pet needs. 

Feeding and Diet

To determine a healthy diet for your Black Mouth Cur, you should go visit your vet first. Deciding a diet for your dog depends on its size, health, age, and allergies. A vet will keep all these factors in mind while making a unique diet plan for your dog. Basically, two quality meals a day are recommended for this breed. However, you should still consider your vet’s advice before feeding your dog anything you read off the internet. 

Coat color and grooming

There are many breeders of this breed, and their coat color can have variations. The most common colors of a Black Mouth Cur are black, fawn, and yellow. You will notice a black mask-like appearance around their muzzle. 

These dogs are low-maintenance breeds. Brushing once a week and increasing the time during shedding season will maintain their coat’s health. 

Children and other pets

The Black Mouth Curs behave friendly with other dogs, especially if you start socialization early. Socialization becomes necessary because these dogs have a territorial personality which can worsen as they mature if not given training on time. They have a high prey drive, so you will have to supervise them while they play. 

These dogs crave human interaction and companionship, which makes them great pets for families with kids. No matter how calm they are with the kids, you should keep a watch on them always. 


These dogs shed moderately during the year, and the quantity increases before summer and winter. 

Male vs. Female attitude

The attitude of a Black Mouth Cur isn’t defined by their gender, and it depends majorly on which environment they grew up in.


One long walk a day is the minimum exercise requirement for these dogs. 

Little known facts

This breed got its name for its signature black mask, but not all dogs have this signature style. 

FAQ on breed

  1. Where do the Black Mouth Cur dog breeds come from?

Southern United States

  1. What is the best diet routine for a Black Mouth Cur?

A diet that fulfills your dog’s nutritional needs and maintains its energy levels.

  1. How much exercise is required for a Black Mouth Cur?

One long walk a day

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