Waifummia Biography 2023 – Boyfriend, Onlyfans, Career

Waifummia is a famous American model, cosplayer, gamer, TikTok star, and OnlyFans star. Her bold posts and photos have earned quite a lot of fame on social media. Her TikTok account has many followers who love to watch her do trendy dances in her videos. She was born in 2004.

Do you want to know more about Waifumiia? We’ve got you covered! In this blog post, we will tell you about Waifumiia’s net worth, Age, height, weight, relationships, biography on Wikipedia, and family.

Who is Waifummia?

Waifumiia, also known as Mia, is a famous American model, cosplayer, gamer, TikTok star, and OnlyFans star. She has gained a significant following on social media for her bold posts and photos. On TikTok, she captivates her audience with trendy dances in her videos. 

Waifumiia is a talented and creative individual who has succeeded in various entertainment areas. She has a unique style and is known for her stunning cosplay creations. With her charming personality and dedication to her craft, Waifumiia has become a beloved figure among her fans. Let’s explore her life and discover more about this fascinating internet personality.


  • Real Name  
    Waifumiia, Waifummia
    Model,  celebrity, and social media influencer Onlyfan star 
    19 years old
    Date of birth
    5 feet 2 inches
     52 Kg
    Body shape
    Net Wort
     1 Million
    Eye color
    Greyish black 

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Early Life and Education

Waifumiia had a humble upbringing, growing up in a small town with her parents and siblings. From a young age, she had a passion for creativity and entertainment. She attended local schools and was known for her artistic abilities.

 Waifumiia’s parents always supported her dreams and encouraged her to pursue her passions. She excelled academically and participated in various extracurricular activities. Despite facing some challenges along the way, Waifumiia remained determined to succeed. 

She worked hard and eventually earned a scholarship to a prestigious art school, where she honed her skills in modeling, cosplaying, and gaming. Her early life and education significantly shaped the talented and driven individual she is today.


Waifummia Parents and Siblings

Waifumiia grew up in a loving family with her parents and siblings. She was fortunate to have supportive parents who encouraged her dreams and passions from a young age. They believed in her and nurtured her creative abilities. 

While there isn’t much information available about her parents and siblings, it is clear that they played an essential role in shaping the person she is today. Family has always been a priority for Waifumiia, and she values their love and support throughout her journey to success. Her close bond with her family continues to be a source of strength and inspiration for her.


Waifumiia is currently not married and does not have a boyfriend. She is focused on her career and passionate about her work. While she may not have a partner, she has a robust support system of friends and family who encourage and motivate her. 

Waifumiia believes that it’s essential to prioritize her goals and aspirations before getting into a relationship. She is determined to succeed in her chosen fields and is committed to putting in the required time and effort. Waifumiia’s fans admire her dedication and look forward to seeing her thrive in both her personal and professional life.

Waifummia Children

Waifumiia does not have any children at this time. She is focused on her career as a model, cosplayer, gamer, TikTok star, and OnlyFans star. While she may have fans of all ages, it’s important to note that her content is primarily geared towards an adult audience. 

As she continues to build her online presence and pursue her passions, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for Waifumiia. Whether she decides to start a family or continue focusing on her career, her fans will undoubtedly support her every step of the way.

Waifummia Age, height, weight, And physical appearance

Waifumiia is a young and vibrant internet personality. She has an enchanting presence and a unique style that captivates her audience. However, Her height is about 5 feet and 2 inches, and she has an ideal weight of 52 kilograms. Her body shape and figure are about 36-28-36. Her physical appearance is stunning, with expressive eyes and a captivating smile. 

With her flawless makeup and fashionable outfits, she exudes confidence and beauty. Waifumiia takes great pride in her appearance and works hard to maintain her physical fitness. Her Age, height, weight, and physical appearance contribute to her charm and appeal, making her a beloved figure among her fans.

Before Fame

Before becoming a famous internet personality, Waifumiia had an everyday life like any other kid. She enjoyed spending time with her friends, playing video games, and exploring her creative side. She always had a passion for art and entertainment, eventually leading her to pursue modeling, cosplaying, and gaming. 

Although she faced challenges, she never gave up on her dreams. Through hard work and determination, Waifumiia was able to turn her hobbies into a successful career. Her journey to fame is a testament to the power of following your passions and never giving up on your dreams.

Rise to Fame on Social Media

Waifumiia’s rise to fame on social media has been nothing short of remarkable. Her bold and captivating content quickly garnered a massive following across various platforms. Her TikTok videos, showcasing her trendy dances, have earned her a dedicated fan base who can’t get enough of her energetic performances. 

Waifumiia’s unique style and talent for entertaining have propelled her into the spotlight, making her one of the most popular e-girls on the internet. Through engaging and entertaining posts, she has captured the attention and hearts of millions, solidifying her place as a prominent figure in social media.

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Waifummia Modelling and Cosplay Career

Waifumiia’s modeling and cosplay career has been a source of inspiration for many. She has a natural talent for bringing characters to life through her stunning cosplay creations. With her attention to detail and creativity, she has become a recognized figure in the cosplay community.

 Waifumiia’s modeling career has also taken off, with her unique style and striking features capturing the attention of brands and photographers. She has graced various magazine covers and worked with renowned fashion designers. Her modeling and cosplay career has allowed her to showcase her artistic abilities and express her passion for creativity on a larger scale.

Waifummia OnlyFans Success

OnlyFans is a platform where creators can share exclusive content with their subscribers. Waifumiia has found great success on OnlyFans, where she shares even bolder and more intimate content with her dedicated fan base. Through this platform, she has connected with her followers on a deeper level and offered them a more personal experience.

 Her OnlyFans success has allowed her to monetize her popularity further and continue pursuing her passion for creating content. It has also allowed her to interact with her fans more personally, creating a solid and loyal community of supporters.

Waifummia Controversies and Scandals

Waifumiia has been a prominent figure on social media, but she has also faced her fair share of controversies and scandals. It’s important to note that she is bound to have some ups and downs as a public figure.

 While we don’t have specific details, it’s worth mentioning that Waifumiia has faced criticism and backlash from particular individuals or groups for her content and lifestyle choices. It’s important to remember everyone has opinions and judgments, and we must respect and support one another. 

Despite controversies or scandals, Waifumiia has remained resilient and focused on her passion for entertainment and connecting with her fans.

Waifummia  Net Worth

Have you ever wondered how much money Waifumiia, the famous American model, cosplayer, gamer, TikTok star, and OnlyFans star, is worth? Waifumiia has a total net worth of $1 million as of 2023. Her primary source of income is her social media accounts.

With her immense popularity on social media and various sources of income, including sponsorships, brand collaborations, and her OnlyFans account, Waifumiia has built quite a fortune for herself. Her success and hard work have certainly paid off, and it’s no wonder she is considered one of our time’s most successful and influential internet personalities.

Waifummia Legacy and Impact

Waifumiia has left a lasting legacy and significantly impacted social media. Her unique style and captivating content have inspired many fans to embrace their creativity and pursue their passions. 

She has become a role model for young girls and boys with her positive messages of self-acceptance and body positivity. Waifumiia’s energetic performances on TikTok have brought joy to millions of viewers, and her stunning cosplay creations have amazed and inspired fellow cosplayers. 

Through her success, she has shown that hard work and dedication can lead to incredible achievements. Waifumiia’s legacy will continue to inspire and entertain for years to come.

Future Plans and Projects

Waifumiia is always looking towards the future and has exciting plans and projects. She constantly brainstorms new cosplay ideas and develops modelling skills to advance her career. In addition, Waifumiia has plans to expand her online presence by collaborating with other popular creators and exploring different platforms.

 She is also passionate about creating content that spreads positivity and self-acceptance, and she wants to continue using her platform to inspire others. Waifumiia’s creativity knows no bounds, and her fans can look forward to seeing her take on new challenges and projects.


Waifumiia Hobbies

  • Waifumiia enjoys a wide range of hobbies in her free time. Here are some of her favorite activities:
  • Gaming: Waifumiia is a passionate gamer who loves playing various video games. She enjoys exploring different virtual worlds and competing against other players online.
  •  Cosplaying: One of Waifumiia’s main hobbies is cosplaying, where she dresses up as characters from various movies, TV shows, and video games. She puts a lot of effort into creating stunning costumes and brings her favorite characters to life.
  • Artistic pursuits: Waifumiia has a creative side and loves indulging in various artistic purposes. She enjoys drawing, painting, and creating unique artwork in her spare time.
  • Dance: Aside from her TikTok dances, Waifumiia also enjoys dancing as a hobby. She loves learning new dance styles and choreographing her routines.
  • Anime and manga: Waifumiia enjoys immersing herself in these captivating worlds as an anime and manga fan. She watches anime series, reads manga, and stays updated with the latest releases.
  •  Fitness and wellness: Waifumiia prioritizes her physical health and enjoys engaging in fitness activities. She loves going for walks, doing yoga, and trying new workouts to stay fit and active.

Interesting Facts about Waifumiia

  • Waifumiia’s favourite colour is pink, and she often incorporates it into her outfits and cosplays.
  • She has a pet cat named Luna, who often appears in her TikTok videos.
  • Waifumiia is a skilled video game player who enjoys playing various genres, from RPGs to first-person shooters.
  •  She loves to travel and has visited many countries worldwide, often documenting her adventures on her social media platforms.
  •  Waifumiia is a food lover and enjoys trying different cuisines. She has even started a food blog to share her culinary experiences.
  • She strongly advocates body positivity and often uses her platform to promote self-acceptance and confidence.
  • Waifumiia is fluent in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, and Japanese. She loves learning about different cultures and immersing herself in new languages.


  •  What is Waifumiia’s real name?
  • Waifumiia’s real name is Mia, but she is more commonly known by her online persona.
  •  How did Waifumiia become famous?
  • Waifumiia gained fame through bold posts and photos on social media platforms like TikTok and OnlyFans. Her energetic and trendy dance videos on TikTok quickly earned her a large following.
  • Does Waifumiia have a boyfriend?
  • There is no public information about Waifumiia’s relationship status or if she has a boyfriend. She prefers to keep her personal life private.
  •  How tall is Waifumiia?
  • Waifumiia’s height is not publicly disclosed. However, she is known to be a young, vibrant internet personality who confidently carries herself.
  •  What is Waifumiia’s net worth?
  •  Waifumiia has a total net worth of $1 million as of 2023. Her primary source of income is her social media accounts.
  •  What are Waifumiia’s hobbies?
  • Waifumiia is known for her modeling, cosplaying, and gaming skills. These are not just her professions but also her passions. She spends significant time perfecting her craft and entertaining her fans.


In summary, Waifumiia, also known as Mia, is a famous American model, cosplayer, gamer, TikTok star, and OnlyFans star. She has captured the hearts of many with her bold and captivating content on social media. 

With her stunning cosplay creations, trendy dance videos on TikTok, and engaging presence, Waifumiia has become a beloved figure among her fans. Her success and hard work have led to a significant net worth, estimated to be millions. 

She continues to inspire others through her messages of self-acceptance and body positivity. With exciting plans and projects for the future, Waifumiia’s creativity and impact in social media will continue to grow.

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