Bharat Rishi Moorjani Net Worth Age, Height, Weight, Relationship, biography on Wikipedia, and Family

Bharat Rishi Moorjani is an essential figure in the entertainment industry. He is the husband of Richa Shukla, the famous actress who starred in the Netflix series Never Have I Ever.

He was born in May 26, 1989. This show has been widely popular and has gained a considerable fan base since it aired in April 2020. Bharat Rishi Moorjani is intriguing, and there is much to know about him. From his net worth to his family and relationship status, 

Who is Bharat Rishi Moorjani?

Bharat Rishi Moorjani is a fantastic person! He is the husband of the talented actress Richa Shukla, who starred in the popular show Never Have I Ever. Bharat is a significant figure in the entertainment industry, and people are curious to know more about him.

He greatly impacted the show’s success, which gained a huge fan base since it aired in April 2020. This blog post will uncover interesting details about Bharat, including his early life, education, and family background. So, get ready to dive into the fascinating world of Bharat Rishi Moorjani!

Bharat Rishi Moorjani


34 years
Birth Date:
May 26, 1989
Full Name:
Richa Moorjani
Net Worth:
1 million USD
Last Updated:
August, 2023
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Bharat Rishi Moorjani Early Life and Education

Bharat Rishi Moorjani had a wonderful childhood filled with love and support from his family. He grew up in a small town and had a close-knit community. Bharat was always a curious child, eager to learn and explore. He excelled in academics and was known for his sharp mind.

His parents recognized his potential and encouraged him to pursue his dreams. Bharat completed his education at a prestigious university, where he honed his skills and gained valuable knowledge.

His early life and education laid a strong foundation for his future success in the entertainment industry. It is truly inspiring to see how Bharat’s upbringing shaped him into the incredible person he is today.

Parents and Siblings

Bharat Rishi Moorjani is lucky to have a wonderful family that has always supported him. He has loving parents who have been there for him every step of the way. Bharat also has siblings who are his best friends.

They have shared many unforgettable memories, from family vacations to celebrating special occasions. Bharat’s family is a tight-knit unit; their bond is heartwarming.

He is grateful for the love and guidance he has received from his parents and the special connection he shares with his siblings. Family is essential to Bharat, and they are his most significant source of strength and inspiration.


Bharat Rishi Moorjani is not only a talented figure in the entertainment industry, but he is also a loving husband to Richa Shukla. The bond between Bharat and Richa is extraordinary, as they support and encourage each other’s careers.

They share a deep love and understanding, and their relationship is filled with laughter and also happiness. Bharat’s role as a husband and boyfriend is admirable, and it is evident that he is committed to making their relationship thrive.

With Bharat by her side, Richa can navigate the ups and downs of the entertainment industry with confidence and strength.

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Bharat Rishi Moorjani is also talented individual with an impressive presence in the entertainment industry. While information regarding He was born in May 26, 1989. Her weight 60 kg, and height 6 feet 1 inches, and physical appearance is not readily available, we know that Bharat possesses a charismatic aura that draws people towards him.

His captivating smile and warm personality leave a lasting impression on those he interacts with. Although these details may seem insignificant compared to his accomplishments, they contribute to the overall package of who Bharat is.

It’s important to remember that physical attributes do not define someone’s worth or character, and Bharat’s talents and achievements speak volumes about his true essence.

Before fame

Before Bharat Rishi Moorjani rose to fame in the entertainment industry, he led a life full of dreams and also aspirations. As a child, Bharat was always drawn to the performing arts world, constantly immersing himself in movies, music, and dance.

His passion for the industry grew stronger as he grew older, leading him to pursue his dreams with determination and dedication. Bharat’s journey towards fame was filled with hard work, perseverance, and countless auditions.

He faced rejection and setbacks but never gave up on his dreams. This period of Bharat’s life shaped him into the talented and accomplished individual he is today.

Bharat Rishi Moorjani career

Bharat Rishi Moorjani’s career in the entertainment industry has been nothing short of remarkable. He started his journey by auditioning for various roles and honing his acting skills. With perseverance and hard work, Bharat landed significant roles in popular TV shows and movies.

He has worked with renowned directors and actors, gaining valuable experience. Bharat’s talent and also dedication have made him a sought-after actor. His ability to portray diverse characters with depth and emotion has earned him critical acclaim and a strong fan following.

With each new project, Bharat continues to push boundaries and showcase his incredible acting abilities. The future is bright for this talented individual, and we can’t wait to see what he has in store for us next.

Net Worth and Achievements

Bharat Rishi Moorjani has achieved great success in his career and has accumulated a significant net worth. His hard work, talent, and dedication to his craft have paid off, allowing him to make a name for himself in the entertainment industry. her net worth is 1 million USD.

Bharat has starred in popular TV shows and movies, working alongside renowned directors and actors. His impressive acting skills have garnered critical acclaim and a strong fan following. With each project, Bharat continues to make waves and push boundaries, solidifying his industry position.

His achievements speak to his incredible talent and the impact he has had on the entertainment world.

Legacy and Impact

Bharat Rishi Moorjani’s legacy and also impact in the entertainment industry is remarkable. His talent and dedication have left a lasting impression on audiences and his fellow actors. Bharat’s ability to bring depth and emotion to his characters has garnered critical acclaim and a strong fan following.

He has inspired aspiring actors to pursue their dreams with passion and perseverance. Bharat’s work in popular TV shows and movies has cemented his place in the industry and has set a high standard for future actors. His legacy will continue to influence and shape the entertainment world for years.

Bharat Rishi Moorjani Future plains

Bharat Rishi Moorjani has an exciting future ahead of him! With his talent and dedication, he is bound to achieve even greater success in the entertainment industry. Bharat’s acting skills and ability to connect with audiences have earned him critical acclaim and a solid fan base.

His career will only continue to flourish as he takes on challenging roles and works with renowned directors and actors. Bharat’s plans include expanding his acting repertoire, exploring other avenues in the entertainment industry, or venturing into directing or producing. Whatever he chooses, Bharat will leave a lasting impact on the world of entertainment.

Bharat Rishi Moorjani Hobbies

Bharat Rishi Moorjani has many hobbies that keep him entertained and fulfilled in his free time. Here are some of his favorite activities:

  • Reading: Bharat also loves diving into books and getting lost in different worlds. Whether fiction, non-fiction, or self-help books, he finds joy and inspiration in reading.
  • Traveling: One of Bharat’s passions is exploring new places and also experiencing different cultures. He enjoys immersing himself in nature’s beauty and learning about other countries’ history and traditions.
  • Fitness: Staying fit and also healthy is essential to Bharat. He enjoys engaging in various physical activities like running, yoga, and also weightlifting to maintain his physical and mental well-being.
  • Cooking: Bharat also loves experimenting in the kitchen and creating delicious meals for his loved ones. Cooking allows him to express his creativity and try new flavors and cuisines.
  • Photography: Bharat has a keen eye for capturing beautiful moments. He enjoys taking photographs of landscapes, people, and also candid moments, using photography to express his creativity and capture memories.
  • Music: Listening to music and also playing musical instruments is a source of joy for Bharat. He appreciates different genres of music and also finds solace in its melodies.
  • Volunteering: Bharat believes in giving back to society and making a positive impact. He actively participates in volunteer work and also charitable causes to help needy people.

These hobbies bring Bharat joy and help him relax and rejuvenate.

Bharat Rishi Moorjani Favourite Things

  • Bharat Rishi Bharat has many favorite things that bring joy to his life.
  • Additionally One of his favorite hobbies is traveling, as he loves to explore new places and also experience different cultures.
  • Bharat is also a music lover and enjoys listening to various genres, including pop, rock, and classical.
  • When it comes to food, he has a fondness for Indian cuisine and enjoys indulging in flavorful dishes.
  • Bharat enjoys outdoor activities like hiking and playing sports in his free time.
  • He also has a passion for reading and devotes time to a good book whenever possible.
  • Bharat values spending quality time with his loved ones; his favorite moments are often spent with family and friends.
  • Additionally Overall, Bharat’s favorite things reflect his love for adventure, music, food, nature, literature, and the company of loved ones. These are the things that bring happiness and fulfillment to his life.

Interesting facts about Bharat Rishi Moorjani

  • Bharat Rishi Moorjani is a big fan of superheroes and also loves collecting comic books.
  • Additionally He is fluent in multiple languages, including English, Hindi, and Spanish.
  • Bharat is a fitness enthusiast and enjoys working out at the gym regularly.
  • He has a pet dog named Max, his best friend and constant companion.
  • Bharat is a talented dancer and has won several awards for his performances.
  • He avidly supports various charitable causes and actively participates in philanthropic activities.
  • Additionally Bharat has a keen interest in photography and enjoys capturing beautiful moments.
  • He is a foodie and loves trying out new cuisines worldwide.
  • Bharat enjoys outdoor adventures like hiking, camping, and water sports.
  • He has a hidden talent for playing the guitar and loves strumming tunes in his free time.
  • Additionally These interesting facts about Bharat Rishi Moorjani give us a glimpse into his diverse and dynamic personality, making him even more intriguing and admirable.


Who is Bharat Rishi Moorjani?

Bharat Rishi is an essential figure in the entertainment industry and the husband of actress Richa Shukla, known for her role in the show Never Have I Ever.

What is his background?

Bharat had also wonderful childhood filled with love and support from his family. He excelled in academics and completed his education at a prestigious university.

What is his relationship status?

Bharat is happily married to Richa Shukla, and they share a loving and supportive relationship.

Does he have any siblings?

Yes, Bharat has siblings who are his best friends and share many unforgettable memories.

What is his net worth?

While her exact net worth is 1 million USD, his successful career in the entertainment industry has likely contributed to his financial success.

What are his hobbies?

Bharat also enjoys outdoor adventures like hiking and water sports. He is also a fitness enthusiast and loves working out at the gym.

What are some interesting facts about Bharat?

Some interesting facts about Bharat include his love for superheroes and collecting comic books, his talent for dancing, and his ability to speak multiple languages.


Additionally we have explored the fascinating world of Bharat Rishi Moorjani. From his early life and also education to his career and achievements, Bharat’s journey in the entertainment industry is truly inspiring. We have learned about his supportive family, his loving relationship with Richa Shukla, and his impact on the world of acting.

Bharat Rishi MooBharat Rishi Moorjani is an essential figure in the entertainment industry. He is the husband of Richa Shukla, As he continues to thrive in his career, we can expect to see even more incredible things from Bharat in the future. He is remarkable, and his legacy will continue to shine in the entertainment industry.

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