Facts and Information on the Cav-a-Jack Dog Breed

The Jack Russell Terrier and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeds have combined to create a hybrid breed called ‘Cav-a-Jack.’ These energetic, friendly, and enthusiastic puppies inherited many positive qualities from both of their parents. The Cav-a-Jack is a terrific dog that first-time owners should consider. These puppies are social and energetic; they enjoy being around people and will get along well with children in your home. They also have a little bit of an evil streak!

The mixed breed is a breed that may live in apartments because of its smaller size, provided that their exercise needs are met. Because of their reputation for intelligence and curiosity, Cav-a-Jacks will benefit from having interactive toys around them. 

Cava-a-Jack Dog Breed Profile: IMAGE 

Breed Name Cava-a-Jack Dog 
Other Name 
Dog Breed TypeMixed breed Dogs 
Parent BreedsCavalier King Charles Spaniel and the spunky Jack Russell Terrier
Height10 – 17 inches
Weight 13 – 18 pounds
Life Expectancy12 – 17 years
Coat TypeWhite, tan, black, and brown markings
Common ColorsWhite, brown, red, fawn, black, sable, brindle, tan 
Grooming NeedsEasy to groom 
TemperamentSweet and playful. Affectionate, social, and easy-going. Spunky with a good memory
Apartment LivingYes 
Pet FriendlyMedium 
Health ConcernsDeafness, Cataracts, Lens Luxation
Overall HealthGood
Intelligence LevelMedium 
Energy LevelLow  
Litter Size5 to 6 puppies

Breed Characteristics

Adaptability  3 stars

Adapts Well To Apartment Living : 4 star

Good For Novice Owners : 4 star

Sensitivity Level : 3 stars

Tolerates Being Alone : 1 stars

Tolerates Cold Weather : 3 stars

Tolerates Hot Weather : 3 stars

All Around Friendliness 4 stars

Affectionate With Family : 4 stars

Kid-Friendly : 4 stars

Dog Friendly : 4 stars

Friendly Toward Strangers :  4 star

Health And Grooming Needs   3 stars

Amount Of Shedding : 2 stars

Drooling Potential : 2 stars

Easy To Groom : 4 stars

General Health : 3 stars

Potential For Weight Gain : 4 stars

Size : 2 stars

Trainability 4 stars

Easy To Train : 4 star

Intelligence : 4 stars

Prey Drive : 3 stars

Tendency To Bark Or Howl : 4 stars

Wanderlust Potential : 3 stars

Physical Needs 4 stars

Energy Level : 4 stars

Intensity : 3 stars

Exercise Needs : 4 stars

Potential for Playfulness : 5 stars

Vital Statistics


HEIGHT : 10 to 17 INCHES

WEIGHT :  13 to 18 POUNDS 

LIFE SPAN : 12 to 17 YEARS


The Cav-a-Jack is a dog mix. Unlike their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or Jack Russell Terrier’s parents, they are not purebred animals.

The Cav-a-coat Jack’s is often primarily white with additional tan, black, and brown markings.

One should commit to hair brushing once a week, and you can feel free to touch more frequently during the months with more shedding.

The Cav-a-Jack is a little dog but has a lot of energy and needs exercise. Regarding exercise, try to set a goal of at least an hour every day and take brisk walks whenever possible.

Children and Cav-a-Jacks get along nicely. All children and canines should still be under your supervision when playing together.

Cav-a-Jacks are often not the most excellent choice for a home with an existing cat. Cats are frequently seen by them as prey to be pursued.


The Cav-a-Jack is a more recent mixed dog breed, so there isn’t much specific information about its past. However, you can identify the dog’s ancestry by researching the history of the parent breeds.

The persistence and great activity of the Jack Russell Terrier breed made them famous as small game hunters. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a breed with noble origins that was initially developed to serve as a furry friend for royalty. According to legend, Kings Charles I and II gave the breed’s name.

Despite being recognized as a designer dog breed, many Jacks regrettably find up in shelters.


The Cav-a-Jack is a little breed of dog. With more recent mixed breeds, specific size requirements may vary. Most are between 13 and 18 pounds and 10 to 17 inches tall. Male and female Cav-a-Jacks can differ significantly in size.


While considering the Cav-a-Jack, you might imagine this mixed breed’s personality as similar to that of a young, excitable youngster. They will always choose to play, but given the breed’s intelligence, you need to switch things up and make sure they have access to clever toys regularly.

The Cav-a-Jack is a dog that will make a terrific companion for young and older adults, counteracting the playful side of the mixed breed. They also enjoy being around people. This is not a dog that should be left alone all day. Make the Cav-a-Jack an integral part of your family, and you’ll soon share your home with a beautiful dog.

The Cav-a-Jack can be feisty and independent, so you should ensure that the necessary training is given to them from the beginning.


 Even though the Jack Russell Terrier and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel can be predisposed to some of the same problems, Jacks are usually considered healthy dogs. Always make sure to schedule regular wellness checks with your dog’s veterinarian. The following are a few of the more prevalent health issues that Cav-a-Jacks experience:

  • Deafness
  • Cataracts
  • Lens Luxation


The Cav-a-Jack is a little dog but has a lot of energy and needs exercise. Regarding exercise, try to set a goal of at least an hour every day and take brisk walks whenever possible. Fetch games and agility drills should be a part of your outside regimen.

Your Cav-a-Jack will like romping around with the other dogs if you have access to a secure dog park. If you have a yard, use caution because the curious nature of the mixed breed makes it likely that they will try to go through any gaps in the fence.

It would be best if you took great care of your Cav-a-teeth. It would help if you gave them a couple of weekly brushings; contact your regular veterinarian for toothpaste suitable for their breed.

You should also examine the Cav-a-ears Jack’s for signs of dirt or a potential infection because they like playing outside. Ask your veterinarian to show you how to trim the dog’s nails twice a month if you’re new to dog grooming.

Feeding and Diet

A little dog with lots of energy should be fed an optimal Cav-a-Jack diet. Overeating can lead to weight gain and other health problems, especially if enough exercise isn’t offered. Thus Cav-a-Jacks must maintain a healthy diet.

Like other dogs, Jack’s needs will change as they age from puppyhood to adulthood and as they enter their senior years. The weight, energy level, and health of each dog vary significantly, making it impossible to prescribe a set dosage of Cav-a-food for them. Jack’s Instead, you should see your veterinarian for advice.

Coat Color and Grooming

The Cav-a-coat Jack’s is often primarily white with additional tan, black, and brown markings. Their short, slightly waved coat is short and soft to the touch. You should make a commitment to hair brushing once a week and feel free to brush more frequently during the months with more shedding. This will reduce the likelihood of mats forming and maintain the coat smooth and tidy. If bathing is required, decide with your sight and smell, and wash the dog after any exceptionally muddy outside play sessions. 

In general, the Cav-a-Jack breed of dog is climatically adaptable. However, if the weather is exceptionally chilly, ensure your dog is dressed in a stylish coat. You should always give your dog access to fresh water and cover during the warmer months.


Depending on the dog, each Cava-A-Jack has different exercise requirements. The energy levels of these designer dogs might come from either parent. Typically, the Cavalier parent is slightly more relaxed than the Jack Russell parent. As a result, the Cav-A-Jack might be a laid-back breed like the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or an energetic breed like the Jack Russell Terrier.

A lot of playtimes and a one-hour walk where he can run around loosely each day are ideal. When that’s not possible, he’s content to play for a longer time as long as he gets a decent walk the following day. Despite this, he makes himself at home very quickly, and you may frequently catch him dozing off on the couch or one of the beds.

FAQ on the breed

  •  Are Cav-A-Jacks suitable as household pets?

Because they are gentle with youngsters and easy to socialize with and teach, Cav-A-Jacks are wonderful family pets.

  • Does Cav-A-Jack require exercise?

Cava-A-Jack, thus regular exercise is necessary.

  • Does Cav-A-Jack shed?

They will remove their hair occasionally throughout the year, although they may trim it twice a year when the seasons change.

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